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About Us

SuPr is a Singapore-based innovation company that operates in India & Singapore. The intent behind the formulation of SuPr was to add value in office workspace, while contributing towards The Paris Agreement on Climate Change (COP 16). That brings out an offering of a truly patented design for the “World’s First Work Desk with Personalized Ventilation.” This can be achieved with both Overhead Air Distribution and Underfloor Air Distribution). We are guided by the idea that designs in association with the environment create value for every stakeholder, Employer /Employee/Society/ Environment.

The Technology of Personal Ventilation has the following contribution to the Bigger Agenda of COP16-

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Abhay Chitransh
Founder, CEO
Thumu Karthik
Vinod Aachi
SOV Fund 1
Raju Shukla
Eden Ventures

Upgrade to a workspace that sustains productivity,

Transform your workspace into a meaningful part of your life—one that encapsulates 90,000 hours of your journey. Why settle for uninspiring offices when your focus as a flourishing business is on growth, scalability, and team development? The intricacies of determining the ideal workspace for supporting growth and maintaining team engagement can be overwhelming.
In the midst of expansion, it's essential to not only create a larger workspace but a superior one—a space that promotes team connectivity, productivity, and engagement, all while harmonizing with your business vision and values. The challenge lies in initiating this process, navigating options, and managing multiple contractors, often leading to feelings of overwhelm and discouragement.
We comprehend the complexity.
With a wealth of experience spanning over 5 years in the commercial interiors sector, we specialize in assisting you with your office space 'design and build.' We've successfully guided businesses like yours, transforming design concepts into reality, shaping workplaces that embody brand values, enhance team productivity and engagement, and stimulate creativity. Our innovative design concepts are rooted in the idea that design should seamlessly merge with functionality, all while capturing the essence of your company's brand and vision.

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